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"Ticket to Paradise" is a Multigenerational Romantic Comedy

Romantic comedies usually focus on a 20-30something year old couple who hopefully will go through lots of zany mini adventures as audiences fall in love with them as the characters fall in love with each other. It's a formula that works. In turn, that age group, along with a teenage crowd, will go see that kind of movie. Sometimes the characters could be in their 50s and up, but usually those projects bring in that age range. "Ticket to Paradise" sees Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney team up again as divorced parents who call a truce as they try to stop their young daughter from marrying a man she just met. It is a rarity that all age groups can really enjoy this kind of film.

Clooney and Roberts have always had great chemistry on screen together, dating back to 2001's "Ocean's Eleven". However, this is the first time the two have starred in a romantic comedy with each other. She starred in a slew of them in the 90s while this is his first time working in the genre (unless you count "Up in the Air" which I don't). Every moment they are on screen together they shine. and do so even when they have a solo moment. There is a blooper reel during the end credits and it certainly looked like they had a great time making this one.

Writer director Ol Parker puts a script together that gives his characters a lot of depth. Often times there is not much to the lead characters on screen for romantic comedies. Frequently they are pretty much one-note. Not here! There is a lot more to these divorcees than the one-liners they throw at each other. It has some bold editing choices too as a little Brian De Palma influence is present in the form of split screens.

"Ticket to Paradise" is generally funny as well. George Clooney and Julia Roberts' character throw a lot of zingers at one another. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments too. Nothing crude either, just good clean jokes anyone can enjoy. In this month of October when there is plenty of horror options out there and with this open against the DC's "Black Atom" this is fabulous counter programming option.

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