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"Clerks III" Delivers Both Laughs and Tears

On March 7, 2021, in Delray Beach, Florida, Kevin Smith had his first live show since the pandemic. Over the course of that night, he spoke about the new “Clerks III” script he had recently written. The story explains how Randal (Jeff Anderson) has a heart attack and survives. He uses his second chance to make a movie about his life as a clerk. It was easy to see how excited Smith was to make this picture. After its completion and finding Lionsgate as a distributor, Clerks III was expected to be a small Fathom event, but, demand has been so high, it now has expanded for a longer run.

Fans of the View Askew Universe are sure to wonder how this will rank in what is now a trilogy. Honestly, it is the best AND worst of the series. The first two films are certainly funnier than this one. That is not to suggest that “Clerks III” is lacking in humor. You’ll laugh for sure. However, where more laughs could be, there are now tears. Kevin Smith has dabbled in other genres besides comedy, but this is the first time he has really included some dramatic moments that could make some of his die-hard fans cry. The question is how will fans respond?

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